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Cultured Mesenchymal Stem Cells

We have made history by developing an exclusive worldwide protocol, with proven and unprecedented results in clinical trials. While other therapies simply include “some” stem cells, we offer real regeneration.

Only with a volume of million of units of stem cells is regeneration possible, and only ITRT can offer that.

Stem cells are sent to the laboratory, where they are selected and cultured for 3 weeks to obtain and even exceed 250 million units. Only in this way is the miracle of tissue creation possible.

Clinical trials have shown that it is a permanent therapy. Tissue starts to regenerate from the very first moment and continues to do so naturally in successive years.

Knee Cartilage regeneration 2

Osteoarthritis Treatment
with cultured stem cells

For the first time, we have proven in clinical trials that it IS POSSIBLE to regenerate joint cartilage.

We specialize in treating Knee Osteoarthritis and have broad experience in hip, elbow, hands and feet.

We have offered a new lease of life not only to the knees of top elite sportspeople, but also to seniors.

Tendinopathy Treatment
with cultured stem cells

ITRT is the sole center in the world to have successfully proven tendon regeneration, which has warranted acknowledgment from the American Journal of Sports Medicine as one of the “most outstanding advances in Medicine from recent decades”.

Our research has proven that we can create brand new tissue to restore the patellar tendon, Achilles tendon, hamstring…
Discopatía Degenerativa Lumbar
Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment
with cultured stem cells

Our therapy has been proven to significantly improve lower back pain and disability , promoting regeneration in patients with degenerative lumbar disc disease.

Implanted cultured stem cells continue to create new tissue even years after treatment. Over 300 people from different countries have already won their lives back.

We are the first medical center to develope therapy with cultured stem cells for regenerating salivary glands destroyed by cancer treatments.

Treatment increases salivary production and flow and enhances perception of the taste of food and the pleasure of eating.

Pseudoartrosis con células madre
Pseudoarthrosis (Non-Union) Treatment
with cultured stem cells

Over 60 treatments performed have shown the effectiveness in regenerating bones that fail to join, these include serious injuries suffered by elite athletes, who are household names.

We treat Atrophic Pseudoarthrosis, as well as femur, tibia and fibula or clavicle injuries.

Osteonecrosis, or Avascular Necrosis,  is caused by the death of bone tissue due to a lack of blood flow. Our treatment is a real solution that has already helped 15 patients.

We have shown that it is possible to recover bone and even cartilage and thus prevent the need of prosthesis.

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