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The sole solution for salivary glands damaged by cancer treatments

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Xerostomy refers to the subjective sensation of dry mouth. It usually occurs when the salivary flow is reduced to half.

Symptoms of dry mouth include chewing, swallowing and speech problems, as well as a tendency for halitosis, dental cavities, infections and ulcers.

Severe Xerostomy is usually caused by the adverse effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy in patients with cancer or Sjögren’s syndrome .

ITRT is the first center to regenerate salivary glands and prevent dry mouth.

induced by cancer treatments

Radiation therapy plays a key role in the treatment of many types of oral cancer and can be applied either alone or in combination with chemotherapy or surgery.

It can, however, cause alterations in the salivary glands, which are highly sensitive to radiation.

In the long term, it can eventually destroy the tissue and the ability to salivate, which causes a reduction in or even the lack of salivary flow and ability to taste food.

The ultimate treatment for Xerostomy: cultured stem cells

Treatment o Xerostomy with cultured mesenchymal stem cells is intended to increase salivary flow and recover the ability to salivate and the pleasure of eating.

ITRT is the sole medical center to have scientifically proven in clinical trials that its innovative treatment regenerates the salivary glands.

Both the process of obtaining stem cells from bone marrow and cell inoculation have proven to be safe methodologies with no adverse effects.

ITRT Procedure of culturing of stem cells

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Stem cells to regenerate salivary glands damaged by radiotherapy

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