Breakthrough therapy to HEAL Knee Osteoarthritis.

We create cartilage where there was none before, with unprecedented results worldwide.

We make prosthesis unnecessary by creating real and natural tissue in the knee.


Our therapy is based on 


because the scientific evidence

has shown that only by multiplying them

to reach millions of units, regeneration can be achieved


Knee Osteoarthritis, with cultured stem cells

We have almost regenerated 1,200 knee cartilages and helped patients to recover their quality of life and professional athletes to extend their careers.



Relief of pain and easing of difficulty when walking


Improvement in knee functionality

1 to 3 months

after treatment

The regenerative effect continues

for years

after treatment

Creating brand new cartilage to recover the quality of life and to prevent the need for prostheses.

What’s Knee Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a disease that can affect any joint in the body and cause different degrees of swelling, pain, and deformation in several degrees. Articular cartilage degeneration is one of the major consequences.

  • In many cases it advances slowly and either does not require treatment or can be controlled.
  • However, it sometimes causes permanent pain and significant walking difficulty.
  • In an advanced state, a prosthesis may be required.


The effects of osteoarthritis are very diverse and appear gradually and over time.

The most frequent symptoms are joint pain, limited movement, cracking and, in some cases, joint effusion. Some people may also experience joint stiffness and deformity.

What patients with Osteoarthritis are usually most concerned about is pain, albeit not always permanent. Initially, pain is triggered when effort is made with the joint. This usually stops with rest. Later on, in more advanced stages of the disease, worsening of Osteoarthritis will cause constant pain, regardless of rest.


We have produced world-leading scientific evidence proving that cultured mesenchymal stem cells regenerate knee cartilage. We have thus been able to heal many patients, including elite interntional athletes and the elderly.

At ITRT we started our research into knee joint because of the high prevalence of Osteoarthritis in thesem. Once the treatments’ considerable efficacy was demonstrated in clinical trials, we extended it to other joints in the human body.

ITRT Procedure of culturing of stem cells

The treatments offered by ITRT are the only treatments for the regeneration of tendon and cartilage endorsed by the health authorities.


Scientific Endorsement

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