regeneracion de tendon con celulas madre mesenquimales
  • Data from the clinical trial, which has just been published in the prestigious American Journal of Sports Medicine, provides new scientific evidence and opens up a therapeutic option, since the regeneration of this tissue was considered impossible.
  • This is one of the most outstanding advances in Sports Medicine in recent decades. The data shows that the treatment is effective, even in the case of chronic rupture, which will especially benefit athletes, especially the elite.
  • ITRT is a world pioneer in regeneration with cultured mesenchymal stem cells (CMSC) of tissues such as cartilage (osteoarthritis), bone (unconsolidated fractures), or vertebral disc (lumbarthrosis and cervicarthrosis).

Tendon injuries are very common among the general population, the most feared by athletes and a nightmare for all specialists involved in their treatment, but this situation could be next to its end. The Institute for Tissue Regenerative Therapy (ITRT) has shown in a clinical trial that cultured mesenchymal stem cells (CMSC), obtained from the patient’s own bone marrow, have the ability to regenerate this always complex tissue.

The 6-month outcomes of the trial, which was conducted by PhD. Robert Soler, PhD. Lluís Orozco and PhD. Gil Rodas, show an unprecedented degree of regeneration in 100% of the patients, with a reduction in pain and a return to sports practice at 2 months. These results have just been published by the prestigious American Journal Sports Medicine (AJSM) in its May issue.

The trial, controlled, randomized and evaluated in a double-blind way, has been developed by ITRT at the CM Teknon facilities, on a total of 20 patients between 18 and 48 years old, practicing sports on a regular basis, with a chronic injury to the patellar tendon and that they had not responded to the usual conservative treatments.

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PRP does not regenerate

The first group of 10 patients was treated with mesenchymal stem cells obtained from the bone marrow, which were cultured in the laboratory to reach 20 million units. These cells were injected at the site of the injury under ultrasound control.

On the other hand, the second group was treated with a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) solution (peripheral blood obtained and centrifuged) which was injected following the same procedure. Both groups didn’t need hospital admission and the results were measured at clinical level with the EVA and VISA-P scales and at image level by ultrasound, UTC and 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance (high resolution).

At 6 months, the group treated with cultured mesenchymal stem cells showed for the first time the restoration of the tendon structure until 40% of the injury was recovered in 100% of the patients, while the group treated with PRP did not show neither, evolution or regeneration, even after the 6-month period.

Both groups performed the same recovery protocol after treatment and showed the same safety profile, with no reported adverse effects. The reduction of pain and inflammation on the VAS and Visa-P scales was similar in both groups.

CMMC open the door to a new medicine

Already in the 6-month results, treatment with cultured mesenchymal stem cells is presented as a new therapeutic option aimed at changing the poor prognosis of tendon injuries not only by eliminating pain, but also by its potential to regenerate tissue and by allow the return to sports practice in the short term.

This new therapy is set to become a key treatment and represents one of the greatest advances in Sports Medicine and Traumatology in recent decades, which has led the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) to authorize ITRT to treat by the same procedure other tendons of the human body.

The patellar tendon is one of the most powerful in the human body and a key element for walking, running or jumping, so it is common to find lesions of this tissue in the general population and, especially in elite athletes.

About ITRT

ITRT is a world pioneer in the research and treatment with cultured mesenchymal stem cells (CMSC) to heal injuries from tendon, cartilage, bone or disc disease. The 15 clinical studies carried out since 2003 have shown unprecedented results which prove that it is possible to regenerate tissues that until now were considered as impossible.

ITRT promotes a new concept of Regenerative Medicine and becomes the accredited center to treat tendon injuries with cultured mesenchymal stem cells, procedure that has used to recover some of the most outstanding elite athletes worldwide.


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