Ensayo Clinico Sobre Xerostomia. Articulo de ITRT y ORL Centro Medico Teknon

The scientific journal “Integrative Clinical Medicine” has published the feature “Treatment with mesenchymal stem cells for xerostomia: A new paradigm in cell therapy” written by ITRT and the Otorhinolaryngology Center of Teknon Medical Center. The feature introduces the basic aspects of the clinical trial that is under development aimed at studying the effect of mesenchymal stem cells when infused in high doses (35 million) in salivary glands affected by radiotherapy applied for oral cancer. This disease, known as xerostomia, it is a state of dry mouth in the maximum degree, difficulty in swallowing, even for normal speech, and a propensity for other diseases of the oral cavity.

It can be advanced that the first results obtained are very satisfactory. When the follow-up time established in the protocol has been completed, the final results will be made public.

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