Axonal regeneration of peripheral nerves with bone marrow mesenchymal cells. Study in sheep animal model


Study in sheep models promoted by ITRT and EGARSAT to evaluate the regenerative potential of adult stem cells when applied to peripheral nerve lesions.


1 cm defects were created in the radial and tibial nerves of the sheep. Bone marrow was also obtained from the animals and expanded mesenchymal stem cells were selected and cultured.

At 3 weeks a new surgery was performed that consisted of encompassing the defect in a tube of resorbable material (biochamber) in which the cells were infused.

The study was carried out in the experimental operating room of the Hospital Clínico Veterinario of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with prior approval under the control of the Ethics Committee in Animal and Human Research. Cells were selected and expanded in the LAGENBIO lab at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Universidad de Zaragoza.


The results obtained in the pathological study performed 6 months after treatment were satisfactory, demonstrating the viability and efficacy of expanded mesenchymal stem cells applied to peripheral nerve lesions.


Casanas J, de la Torre J, Soler F, Garcia F, Rodellar C, Pumarola M, Climent J, Soler R, Orozco L. Peripheral nerve regeneration after experimental section in ovine radial and tibial nerves using synthetic nerve grafts, including expanded bone marrow mesenchymal cells: morphological and neurophysiological results. Injury. 2014;45 Suppl 4:S2-6.

Status: completed, in the process of publication
Code: MSC-NP-2011
Sponsor: EGARSAT, ITRT Centro Médico Teknon
CEEAH: Universidad Autónoma Barcelona
Investigators: F García, M Prades, J Casañas, S Palazzi, F Soler, J de la Torre, L Orozco, R Soler Rich, C Rodellar, I Martín, AR Remacha, M Pumarola, R Rabanal, A Sánchez, J Sentís.
Entidades: Hospital Clínico Veterinario (UAB), EGARSAT, Centro Médico Teknon, ITRT, LAGENBIO (Universidad Zaragoza), Facultad de Veterinaria (UAB), IBGM (Universidad de Valladolid y CSIC), Facultad de Medicina (Universidad de Barcelona)