Cartilage regeneration in experimental lesion on equine animal model, by applying autologous bone marrow stem cells expanded ex vivo with BST methodology


Study in equine animal model promoted by ITRT and EGARSAT to evaluate the regenerative potential of adult stem cells when applied to cartilage lesions.


Safety study. A bone marrow aspirate from the sternum horses was made. The product was processed, and mesenchymal stem cells were selected and expanded.

After 3 weeks, the infusion of the cellular product was carried out in one of the the two horse hocks. The contralateral joint was taken as control and serum was infused.

The study was carried out in the experimental operating room of the Hospital Clínico Veterinario of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with prior approval and under the control of the Ethics Committee in Animal and Human Research. Cells were selected and expanded in the Departament of Chemical Engineering at the same university.

Horses were sacrificed at 6 months.


The horses’ behaviour was similar. The infused joint went through a brief inflammatory period that resolved spontaneously and, from that moment on, the lameness of the treated leg yielded and the contralateral remained constant.

The post-mortem examination showed normal results.

Study in equine animal model
Status: completed
Sponsor: ITRT. Centro Médico Teknon.
CEEAH: Hospital Clínico Veterinario (UAB)
Investigators: M Prades, F Climent, J García, F Godia, J J Cairó, D Peris, E Sarró, J Barrachina, R Soler Rich, M Pumarola, F García, J Sentís, F Soler, Ll Orozco
Participating entities: Banc de Sang i Teixits (BST); Dep. Enginyeria Química (UAB); Hospital Clínico Veterinario (UAB); ITRT-Centro Médico Teknon; Facultad de Veterinaria (UAB); Cátedra de Bioestadística. Facultad de Medicina (UB); EGARSAT.
Funding: Aid to Investigation EGARSAT