Innovative Cultured Stem Cells Treatments

We change our patients’ life

Treatment of Arthrosis with Cultured Stem Cells

Extensive experience (more than 1200 treatments) in the regeneration of cartilage in different joints. We heal knee osteoarthritis as well as in other joints such hip, elbow, wrists, hands, feet or toes.

Treatment of Tendinopathy with Cultured Stem Cells

We are specialist in treating tendon injuries, especially those which are usually considered as impossible to heal, like patellar tendinopathy (or jumpers’ knee) or Achilles Tendon. We have helped worldwide top athletes to recover from those serious injuries with unprecedented results, which have been published in the most prestigious magazines like the American Journal of Sports Medicine.


Treatment of Lumbar Discopathy with Cultured Stem Cells

Our treatment has proved to significantly improve low back pain and disability, promoting disc regeneration in patients with degenerative lumbar disc disease.

Treatment of Dry Mouth with Cultured Stem Cells

We are one of the pioneers in the treatment of Xerostomy (Dry Mouth) in cancer patients. We inject millions of Cultured Stem Cells to recover the salivary glands to increase the amount of flow, regaining the ability to salivate and the pleasure of eating.

Treatment of Pseudoarthrosis (non-union) with Cultured Stem Cells

Almost 100 treatments performed with effectiveness in bone regeneration. We can heal atrophic non-union, as well as femur, clavicle, tibia and fibula, among others. At ITRT, bone regeneration is a reality proved.

Treatment of Osteonecrosis with Cultured Stem Cells

A long-term solution for the bones. Our treatments have proved to slow the progression of osteonecrosis, avoid joint collapse and, in many cases, avoid the need to implant a prosthesis.

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